Divine Deviled Eggs

With 44 laying hens at the Funkalow we get creative with eggs, we have to. Deviled eggs aren’t exactly the new craze, but some are above average. Some divine. Fresh eggs are certainly a blessing, until it comes to peeling those just-laid cackleberries. We bring the deviled destined to room temperature for 3 days to […]

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Stuffed Jalapenos

The Super Bowl I have three thoughts on the Super Bowl. 1: I watched it with Roger Staubach’s cousin when the Cowboys played and he was kickin’. 2: It’s nice we have an informal national holiday with more Clydesdales than reindeer. 3: I think it’s really funny how the Roman Numerals are getting out of […]

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Amy Vanderbilt’s Broiled Grapefruit

Here is an elegant grace note as a first course or a light dessert.  This recipe is so typical of its era.  Amy Vanderbilt’s Complete Cookbook ,  published in 1961, finds Ms Vanderbilt tackling the new issue of the household without servants.  The tedious work can be done ahead of time, freeing the hostess to […]

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Margaret’s Black Walnut Celery Gems

My husband’s mother made these tasty nuggets in the autumn of the year. Within the family their appearance elicits the ahhs and sighs of a tradition revered. To those of us who sniff out woodsy scents and flavors like hogs to truffles these are divine. Consider making some one-inch gems for the newly initiated. Botanist […]

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