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A Pineapple Post

The pineapple is the fruity symbol of hospitality. Gold-leaf encrusted, wrought in iron, the pinnacle of the Colonial dining table, its once rarity speaks for its glamour. Issuing from the tropics the ‘gator-skinned fruit with sharp and extended leaves embodies the port city hostess, tough while the sea captain is away with a beautiful but guarded demeanor. Arms outreached but particular. Sweet in the flesh and sturdy again at the core. The humid steamy hulls of a freighter were perfect ...

Fare thee well to the ’57 GE, for now

As if I couldn't notice the '57 GE stove leaving with the '57 International in the background. That stove baked the best pizzas until the element caught on fire and ended those days once and for all, for now. If you refurbish old ranges please contact me. The stove kind or the land kind.