At age 51 I recognize kale as a dark leafy brassica that people used to consume without processing it into chip form. I am old enough to remember ch-ch-ch-chia pets before people ate them. Wars ended, won or lost. There were far fewer ways to communicate and we did it better. Mind you, I’ll be the first to eat these words and cook up a chia studded kale crisp complete with an app on how best to enjoy it, but I won’t forget what a busy signal sounds like.

An Acre of Parsley? My mother had a repertoire of soups. Very Pennsylvania German, like her background. She was never big on herbs and spices; a tin of curry would last her longer than embalming fluid to a corpse. To her credit she always encouraged me to add “an acre of parsley” to every pot of soup as her mother had directed her. Added at the last, parsley is clean, neutral but peppery. Pretty jazzy for a pot of Chicken Corn Soup. That’s where it comes from, and my little farm . . .

Imagine a quilt – patches of greens and browns of many textures with a ribbon weaving through it. The patches are big swatches of farms quite a few traversed by the Middle River in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. Along with my husband I live on a relatively teeny five-acre bit with two dogs, two horses, 44 hens, a rooster, a goldfish and some other guy’s cat.

Why this blog? Because people ask me for recipes all of the time, which is of course very gratifying, I wanted the sharing part to be easier. Because as a gardener every year I make some new mistakes and I enjoy some unexpected successes all worth revealing. Because life is a miracle we can become so inured to we deny ourselves joy and it would be good to remind one another of that. Because I have a disease that I refuse to permit to define me and hope to in some space of this corner of my cyber world help others not be delimited by. Finally, it seems like it would be fun as over the years I have bumped back into old friends who are doing special things and new friends who feel like the well-worn ones, that alone being reason enough.

Not About Me

  • If you see a great photograph there’s a strong chance I didn’t take it.
  • I don’t have a “tiny” kitchen, which seems to be popular in food blogs, but it’s not big either. The faucet leaks.
  • Time saving tips are rare. I go to the kitchen to suspend time, to enjoy my time cooking. Read: get used to chopping garlic.


Thank You:

Jennifer Wood Monroe “Boodles”

For sweating it until the layout became apparent.



Katharine Pollak Photography

For quietly insisting on excellence and giving glorious photographic forms to the ideas. The last romantic to ride a real bike and not just use it as a prop.



Allison Mitchell

For being the spirit that drifts through dreams and makes them real.


Kathy “Plum” Warren

You integrate intellect and soulfulness seamlessly.



Stephen Smith

For tireless resolute support, unimaginable love, and learning to appreciate beets.