Horsin’ Around

Come on, let’s play! Let’s play with food.

This idea came about as Saint Patrick’s Day was approaching and March was hanging on to winter with spiteful tenacity. Stomping out to the garden, pea seeds in hand armored in Wellies, I came to the speedy reality that boot-sucking mud wasn’t the medium for peas or me. Alright then, an armload of firewood and I’ll rethink this ambition to create.

There’s the better part of a head of cabbage in the fridge. The great winter keeper vegetable and how apropos of the holiday. Short ribs in the freezer, best braisIMG_0118ed and braising dishes languishing in the oven for hours won’t do in spring, whenever that might happen. Ah, a full bottle of Jameson Irish Whiskey. This is shaping up.

So here are the rules:

I give you three ingredients

You place them in any order of precedence that speaks to you

Add any other ingredients you like

Send in your recipe

Tell us how your concept evolved, rate your success against your original idea.

Tip: make notes as you cook. Your memory is not at all that it used to be, trust me.

Jameson-Braised Short Ribs with Cabbage and Potatoes

These ribs are silky rich and absurdly flavorful with the Irish whiskey being added early on and at the end of the braise.



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