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Food to Die For, a cookbook, Broccoli-Bacon Salad

Food to DIE FOR is presently on my list of top three favorite spiral-bound cookbooks. Compiled by Jessica Bemis Ward and sponsored by the Southern Memorial Association, it is an engaging stroll through the Old City Cemetery of Lynchburg, Virginia. The cemetery is a remarkably faceted, beloved treasure of the town. Aside from some dependable […]

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Stuffed Jalapenos

The Super Bowl I have three thoughts on the Super Bowl. 1: I watched it with Roger Staubach’s cousin when the Cowboys played and he was kickin’. 2: It’s nice we have an informal national holiday with more Clydesdales than reindeer. 3: I think it’s really funny how the Roman Numerals are getting out of […]

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Horsin’ Around

Come on, let’s play! Let’s play with food. This idea came about as Saint Patrick’s Day was approaching and March was hanging on to winter with spiteful tenacity. Stomping out to the garden, pea seeds in hand armored in Wellies, I came to the speedy reality that boot-sucking mud wasn’t the medium for peas or […]

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